October 26, 2018

I made a version of a semi-famous computer program from Scientific American's "Computer Recreations" column, WA-TOR

I write a little bit more about it and "recreational computing" on my devblog.
Goodness gracious, optical illusions have gotten out of control! -- all of those on the page are astounding.
Aesop's Fables #238 - The Fly:
A fly had fallen into an earthen pot [chytros] full of boiled meat. On the verge of drowning in the broth [zōmos], she said to herself:
'I've eaten, I've drunk, I've had a bath. Death can come. It doesn't matter to me.'
This fable shows that people easily surrender to death when it comes without any suffering.
Like Mother Goose stuff, "Real" Aesop's Fables are more grim than the versions we make for kids....

I thought this Quora answer on "what happened to Venezuela" was interesting, with take aways for all political sides...