December 22, 2018

A history of Star Control 2 and some games by the same folks, like Archon... very rich about the feel of the folks who made it. (I like the reference to the game review calling the mechanic "Rock, Scissors, Vapor")

Sometimes it strikes me as weird when I'm communicating with folks doing cool stuff in the games field (blogs/podcasts or new creative work - see Chogue, a combination of Chess and Rogue that got me thinking about Archon) and I realize I know a lot of game lore that they don't - and usually stuff like "I thought EVERYONE knew that". Guess it's a combination of being old, and the general community of video games folks being much much larger. (And conversely, when I realize how pretty much every game I can think of has some kind of video showing gameplay on Youtube, I realize there's this large group who know much more about these games, and have put in the work to get them playable and recordable. They are doing important cultural history work.)

What do LEGO astronauts have on their backs?
A. Jet Pack for smooth travel
B. Oxygen for survival
C. Something else