December 26, 2018

We are AS gods, and may as well get good at it.
This might include losing the pride that went before the fall we are now in the process of taking.
Rolling with such a fall is our present lesson-- learning whatever resilience, ingenuity, basic skills, and enthused detachment that survival requires.
And learning perhaps to reverence some Gods who are not AS us.
Whole Earth Epilog

As more and more people get a voice, a voice needs a special stridency to be heard above the din. On the street, people tolerate diversity because they have to -- you'll get from here to there if you don't get in anybody's face. But the new media environment is always urging you to mock up an instant opinion about The Other ... You can be part of the biggest mob in history. Atavistic fun, guys. Pile on!
R.U. Sirius, in Wired February 1994

The Net is opening up new terrain in our collective consciousness, between old-fashioned 'news' and what used to be called the grapevine--rumor, gossip, word of mouth. Call it paranews--information that looks and sounds like news, that might even be news. Or a carelessly crafted half-truth.