less than an eyeblink

March 28, 2019

Man. And keeping in mind the doubling of time in the movie (and that old joke about the guy who asked for payment of a grains of rice on a chess board - 1 on the first, 2 on the second, then 4, then 8.... until finally he's asking for more rice than the planet has) I mean all the potential future disasters for the earth - hopefully not for many generations, but still, asteroid strikes and supervolcanoes are gonna be the menu sometime, not to mention how many pleasant ways of life we're gonna be washing away with our love of burning carbon - but all that future-for-me happens in something that by halfway through the movie is less than the tiniest bit of an instant I could possibly imagine.

I suppose to someone who doesn't buy into the scientific method and its current belief about the most likely state and future of things, this is all as unbelievable and unwieldy and wacky as any of the other competing faith systems.

I think of that old line in Woody Allen's Annie Hall where Dr. Flicker tries to console Alvy: "It won't be expanding for billions of years yet, Alvy. And we've gotta try and enjoy ourselves while we're here. Huh? Huh? Huh?"

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You put a plug in the jug, mister, because if you ever hit Sharon I'll f***ing kill you.
Carrie Fisher's character in Catastrophe
(showing no sympathy for her son starting to drink again, because of her own time experiencing alcohol-fueled abuse.)

This show has given me a great appreciation for Springfield! Springfield! - a collection of transcripts of various television shows and movies. I'm pretty sure they are ripping the closed caption text - so if you don't want the text on screen (whenever I can read what the character is about to say before they say it, it always takes me out of the fiction of the show) but still want to check "what did they say?" it's pretty great. (A little odd to browse, since unlike a script there is no stage direction or even indication of who is speaking.)
How old were you when you realized "thicc" is a typographical pun about butts? I was today years old. (For a guy who longs for the return of old-school, punctuation-based emojis you think I'd be a bit faster with that ;-)

UDPATE: I put a tightened version of this ('The "cc" in "thicc" is a visual pun about butts.') on reddit's showerthoughts channel and it was one of my more successful ones in a while. (There's a theory that says "thicc" comes from avoiding a "ck" which would otherwise mean "Crip Killer", i.e. standing in opposition to the gang.)
Just a reminder that while the electoral college is in the constitution, the way most states are winner take all is an artifact of all the extra-constitutional political party crap- yeah it's "up to the states, then" but they can't back out of this without giving up their voters influence in the election. More gist for the mill of "the popular vote being overturned by the electoral college is immoral, crudely discounting the vote of people in more populated areas" and the "BUT THE CONSTITUTION" defense is weak-ass sauce.

But, who knows, maybe we'll have a year like 1988 again, where a Republican non-incumbent will win the popular vote.