April 25, 2019

Found on tumblr with the caption "incel bimbofication" So, Incels/"Involuntarily Celibate" guys are kind of obsessed with their perception of how a "few millimeters of bone", the chin and brow, are what make up good looks in men, and therefore eternally determines a dude's luck with romance. This is one of the most memorable photoshops showing off the transition.

As a sort of faceblind guy, I'm sort of amazed by how this works, and how much diversity there is in the geometry of faces. I really wish there was the reverse of "make a character" software that some videogames have that would scan your face, then give you a bunch of sliders that would A. show you where you are on various face geometry bellcurves and B. let you mess around with how you'd look if settings were different.
But now I want to watch episodes of Monster Factory
Once bigotry or self-loathing permeate a given community, it is only a matter of time before deep metaphysical significance is assigned to the shape of human skulls.

I come from St. Paul, Minnesota, a city full of angry maudlin Irishmen and flabby chinless men with limp mustaches waving their shrivelled dicks at the cruel blue sky.
Garrison Keillor, "WLT" (passage is from a sabotaged script for a radio cowboy story)
Surprised I never quoted it before here in my commonplace, it's really stuck with me - For more WLT see kirk.is/2007/08/22, I added this quote and a few other choice ones that really have stuck in my head for decades now... it must've tapped into my college-aged virility at a critical time.
God Save the Lobster Queen