April 28, 2019

Man, fixed mindset drains the sweetness of even successful coding accomplishments - if you have to muscle through something, even if you manage to code up something that seems pretty good, even if you can say "sure, that's something many people, even some other coders, couldn't have readily done", there's still this haunting aspect of "shouldn't it have been easier?"
There's nothing like unrequited love to take all the flavor out of a peanut butter sandwich.
Charlie Brown.
Thought of this quote in the context of my last complaint.
Signs that I might be over-relying on Joel on Software's "never rewrite" principle - I just removed this block of HTML (that had already been commented out):
<!-- div style='font-family:impact,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;'>
<span style='line-height:73.1px;font-size:86px;'>JAMAICA PLAIN</span><br>
<span style='line-height:95.2px;font-size:112px;'>PORCHFEST</span><br>
<span style='line-height:71.39999999999999px;font-size:84px;'>JULY 19TH 2014</span><br>
</div -->

what makes it funnier is that that must be from the first iteration of the front page map- and today's project is making the front page map but starting with the code base of the admin tool that lets you review and renumber the porches (since it's been updated for this year's improvements in data handling) So this HTML comment has made this roundtrip from front page to admin tool to front page
As a fan of pithy, self-aware "oveheard"-style one-liners, Our Valued Customers might be my new favorite comic - the one below is super-true for me.