May 10, 2019

The Darth Vader / Obi Wan fight redone in the style of the Prequels / Sequels light saber duels: My standalone version of the Somerville Porchfest map is live! Probably a few seasons overdue for a visual makeover, but still gets the job done - lets people plot their afternoon without crashing the SAC site. Proud to chip in with that a little, especially now that Somerville is my city :-D
Now that have missile-mounted knives I want to see a missile with a big boxing glove.
We turned out to be superficial to the core.
Anon. friend of Daniel Klein

Nothing's been quite right since John Lennon got shot.

the more i think about it the more deeply ironic it seems that the act of declaiming "virtue signaling" (ie implying insincere lip service to what one's tribe feels is correct) is itself one of the most blatant kind of "virtue signals"