June 8, 2019

*writing résumé*
Strengths? I'm great at multitasking
*explosion in kitchen*
My popcorn!
*car crashes through fence*
I forgot I was driving!

An Oral (FNARR!) History of HBO's Real Sex. This show was in the news recently as a casualty of HBO deciding to remove its adult content, and that's unfortunate- it was such an enormously sex-positive show, and both the feature segments and the "people on the street" parts were fascinating. The two scenes I remember most were one scissors/blade enthusiast gal brightly saying "SKIZZORS!" and then the folks who had a full-on bacchanal with everyone in clown makeup and gear - that lingers in my mind as a golden standard of cheerful hedonistic enjoyment, and I wish I had more things in my life that I so blatantly delight in as much as they were enjoying their clownish time together.

The thee liquids for the Pride brass player: water, sunblock, valve oil

Emma Hunsinger's How to Draw a Horse. So, so, so, good.