June 21, 2019

It's been my experience that almost everything easy to mock turns out to be interesting if you pay closer attention.
I recommend the series, it's appealing in a Nicholson Baker / Donald A. Normal kind of way, a thoughtful, medium-deep dive into mundane things.

Green's quote echoes one of my oldest theories, a "Theory of Multiple Intelligences for Objects" - that nearly everything extant is good at SOMETHING. Great things are good at many things.

Snobs can sniff at objects that are only good at things they don't find worthwhile, but still, it's either empathy-lacking arrogance or foolishness that causes the whole "if it's popular, it must suck" mentality, which goes hand in hand with Green's "easy to mock" concept.
Nothing remains, but nothing is lost...

Taken at face value, Trump's decision to halt a strike against Iran because 150 likely deaths on the Iranian side for 1 drone wouldn't be a good balance is a small spark of light.