rest in power toni morrison

August 9, 2019
Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.
Toni Morrison, "Beloved"

In any case, [my father] put down his cup of coffee and said, "Listen. You don't live there. You live here. With your people. Go to work. Get your money. And come on home."

That was what he said. This was what I heard:

1. Whatever the work is, do it well--not for the boss but for yourself.

2. You make the job; it doesn't make you.

3. Your real life is with us, your family.

4. You are not the work you do; you are the person you are.

Toni Morrison published her first novel at 40. You have time. Your thing won't be nearly as good but hey, that time though

Trump, big smile and a thumbs up with the El Paso surviving baby the baby's uncle had to bring to the hospital, because the survivors who could actually talk didn't want to see him. Great showman, that Trump guy! (I mean, not everyone gets a photo with the president of the US! It’s gonna almost make up for not having parents from a shooter whose manifesto shows deep alignment with Trump brand messaging. )
I'm more sober now than I was when not drinking.