August 11, 2019

We are going to die, why rush into it. There might still be some good shit.

The response was to a suicidal person who says the "casual and non-confrontational retort" was what gave the sender assurance about the ok-ness of seeking help. This week postsecret has a selection of responses to "share something you would have never experienced if you had completed suicide" from their FB page.
Nat McIntosh Rules for Brass Band Sousaphones:
1. RHYTHM is more important than NOTES
2. STYLE is more important than TONE
3. VOLUME is more important than HOTT LIXX
Like my friend Betty W pointed out, only the beginner lessons are up but I like the "Extended technique" video starting quote..
One of the questions I get asked most often after shows is 'Where did you learn to do That?' and the answer is, I did not learn to do That, I just started messing around and that's what you all should do if you want to figure out the things that are awesome and that can make You actually sound like YOU on the Sousaphone.
(admittedly it would be cooler if wasn't the white guys from up north, but they recognize where they are taking from.)