august 2019 new music playlist

Light month for the still new summary format... Janelle Monáe is superb as always, and the "Caravan" by The Mills Brothers was a great bookend.
Make Me Feel
Janelle Monáe
Love the almost ASMR sound of the mouth clicks - and this song has so many small little twists, I love it- Strong "Prince" vibe.
Some tumblr entry. Like her stuff in general.

Saber Dance
Harry James and His Orchestra
Heh, remember Peewee's Big Adventure?
I played this in college, maybe some other places...
Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix Edit)
Uptempo remix
Liked this song, ran into the remix in this All iPod Ads video...

Blend of traditional India music and hiphop - was playing at Melissa's exercise class.
Saw something online about this - controversy where the video is maybe being discriminated against and deserves some record for most views, or maybe there was click-buying, or maybe every big video does that...
Something About You (Single)
Level 42
Famous 80s new wave
The brilliant Cary Bros cover of this made me look for other variants, so I went to the original.
I Think I See the Light
Cat Stevens
Harold+Maude's soundtrack had way too much Cat Stevens, though this one is pretty ok.
Hole In The Bucket
90s hiphop with a protest edge.
References in a band email thread about how to use our funds.

True Colors (Film Version)
Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake
An episode of "Superstore" had the original, thought this cover seemed more promising. Deep ambivalence about Lauper's original...
Blurred Ice (Vanilla Ice vs. Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell Williams & T.I.)
Ed Home
Mashup of some problematic songs.
I've had "Best of Booty" (pop-mashups, some truly inspired) tracks sitting around waiting for a quiet month for a while.
Them Basses
Big Top Orchestra
Marching / Circus Band music.
My bass buddy Kevin C posted: "Unpopular Opinion: Them Basses is not a very good march." But I remember playing it once or twice.

Gittin' Funky
Kid 'N Play
80s hip hop - missed the music back in the day, but now I think they were one of the bigger influences in the Christian rap I was listening to around then.
Work buddy Mifi was going to see "Hammer House Party", MC Hammer and a pile of 80s/90s artists including these guys.

Get Up Get Out (feat. Jstlbby)
Born Dirty
Big motivational music.
Someone on work slack did a push to all servers and sent a Spotify link to this, since it seemed thematically appropriate.

bad guy
Billie Eilish
The kinda sexy song that knocked "Old Town Road" off the perch. Love the "Duh".
Friend was playing during a getaway weekend
Song sounds a bit too studio clean.
The line "Give me one good honest kiss And I'll be alright" was on tumblr - here and here

The Mills Brothers
Vocal-instrumental version of a jazz great.
Doing Blog cleanup I ran into it while doing blog cleanup - on /2010/02/15 my mom mentioned by grandfather Papa Sam liked the group.

Let's leave aside the fact that no divine entity or precept of natural law gives anyone the right to own an assault weapon. Let's also ignore the fact that it's entirely likely that gun control solutions would have denied the Odessa shooter easy access to the firearms with which he carried out his killings.

The most interesting question here is about evil intent. If human evil is the ultimate cause of gun violence–rather than the shocking ease with which modern firearms allow tense situations to escalate into deadly violence and unbalanced individuals to become mass murderers in a matter of seconds–then presumably there must be more bad people in America than anywhere else in the world.
I've been hearing "God-given right to own guns" in a few quarters. How the hell does that work? Either it's "well everything comes from God" (all things good and ill, I guess, if God is all powerful and lets 'em happen... and Gun Control would come from God too) or maybe just "well there's this amendment about guns and militias in the Constitution, and that especially in particular came from God".
Oh wow - MRI videos of what's going on with the mouth and tongue and throat when a trombone player is doing their thing! Here's my favorite: