September 5, 2019

Building a giant statue got Ozymandias into a poem which will in fact outlast "The Lone and Level Sands" that "Stretch Far Away" [...] Immortality is basically free now except that you still die.

Only jailers believe in jail.
Someone mentioned this quote to me, attributed to I forget whom, but I can't google it, so now I'm wondering.
Interesting Quora answer to Why aren't Canadian doctors moving to the US en masse for better pay? most relevant bit:
She said it wasn't worth the hassle. She made more money -but she also had more expenses, including hiring 5 additional individuals as well as her office staff just to deal with all of the different insurance companies and payments and collections!

She found her medical options for her patients compromised by decisions enforced by these same insurance companies that she felt prevented her from giving her patients the medical care they needed.
I've heard a range of opinions from Canadians about their healthcare, ranging from "meh and annoying" to "great!". But the non-stop crap about "US healthcare is the envy of the world!" needs is nonsense. Yes, free markets can get to lost of efficiencies, but I don't think that overcomes the zero sum game aspect of how the less healthcare the insurance company gives me the more money they get to keep. Our system's reliance on Urgent Care-based response and GoFundMe for procedures are indicative of a system that needs to be supplemented.
Boris Johnson loses his majority: