October 21, 2019

I LOVE living on the top floor!! love to look out my window in my robe and scowl at the wretched earth
Yeah! Living on the 3rd floor can be annoying (like when you get to your car and remember something you left in the apartment) but it's kind of awesome seeing "eye to eye" with trees...
17 Years ago I made this tiny GIF of this video clip:

It's a timelapse view shot of Central Wharf in Salem, MA, over the weekend from my shared office window when I was working at Taxware. It was cool that one of the days had such neat cloud cover. Over the years I've often recalled how the tide looks like breathing.
Trump can't stop flipping the bird to people he doesn't like. His 11-D chess of pretending to fix his hair his brilliant!

Yeesh, Remember him practically tearing his notes in two after the debate with Hillary?
if you approach the claw machine only hoping to win a prize you are missing out on the true joy of slightly moving objects around.
Similar to why I am sometimes tempted to put money in a vending machine and select an empty slot and watch the twin spirals move, turning what would have otherwise been a crass act of commerce into mechanical performance art.
impeachment.fyi is a pretty good site for catching up with the relevant news items. Thinking about how often Rudy Giuliani shows up in this mess - it suddenly hit me how much Trump must've loved having the former mayor of New York City as his personal employee, like what a power trip from the 90s... and also hilarious what an incompetent bumbler Giuliani is in the role.
Been enjoying this series looking into various designs of spaceships called Enterprise... I know "in-unicerse" the Enterprise is pretty important, but still, it seems kind of goofy that A. every Enterprise has the same number with just a different letter and B. back in TOS, each ship had its own cool little logo badge, but then they said "welp, this Enterprise one is pretty rad, lets just go with that".