new music playlist october 2019

November 2, 2019
Some really solid 4 star songs in the second half of the month. Give that it was the month of HONK!fest, surprised that didn't have more of an impact...
Coming Home Baby
Cool remix of a classic swinging song.
We play a simpler version of this in JP Honk, Matt sent around this link.
Green Day
Protest-y 90s alt-rock.
Aleksandra arranged a version of this for the Second Line Brass Band and tried to explain the bass line to me to play at a BABAM thing.
Lady of Spain
Eddie Fisher
Old school.
My dad was fond of the naughty version of this (Lady of Spain / I Adore You / Pull Down Your Pants / I'll Explore You...)
93 'Til Infinity
Souls of Mischief
90s hiphop, nice slow groove.
Played in the Netflix movie "Always Be My Maybe"
Threw It On the Ground
The Lonely Island
I love the sound of this hiphop, even though the song is a bit inane. Still, "I THREW IT ON THE *GROUND*" is catchy.
Random youtube recommendation from doing last month's music wrap-up, specifically "aceyletone"
Where Is My Mind?
Dreamy. Or nightmarish.
Weirdly I didn't know about this recording until I was googling a link to last month's piano cover of it - and I realized it was just a cover.

Blood of the Fang
Hiphop - similar vibe as Childish Gambino "This is America"
Found in a tumblr entry.

I Get No Joy
Jade Bird
Look out for this artist, she's going to be huge.
Arun mentioned her cover of "Walk Like an Egyptian" and speaks glowingly of her in general.

Harder Than You Think
Public Enemy
The sample (Shirley Bassey's 'Jezahel') makes this my favorite song this month.
Some show had this on.
Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash
I like how every once in a while I run into a new to me Johnny Cash song.
Referenced in the novel Tell The Wolves I'm Home (set in the 80s) - the main characters were singing along to it.
Waltzing Matilda
Slim Dusty
Traditional Australian song (though of course now I always think of Tom Waits' Tom Traubert's Blues...)
Referenced in the novel Tell The Wolves I'm Home - question in a Trivial Pursuit.
Go Cut Creator Go
LL Cool J
80s hiphop leaning pretty heavily on that Johnny B Good clip, but I love how it modulates that one guitar chord...
Referenced in the novel Tell The Wolves I'm Home (set in the 80s) - it mentioned an SNL episode with LL Cool J.
Monster Mash
The Misfits (feat. John Cafiero)
Higher-energy cover of the old halloween classic.
Heard at the Gallery X Halloween Fundraise in New Bedford.

Baby's on Fire
Die Antwoord
Hard not to be fascinated by Die Antwoord and Zef in general... love the big acoustics of this one.
On a Spotify List at Miller's Jack-O-Lantern Carving.

Stereo MC's
Could do without the "I patted your behind / And ya givin' me aggro" but overall this song has a great sound.
Not sure where but I think it's been on a Best of Booty compilation.