November 15, 2019

Yikes. So in Browns/Steelers last night, Myles Garrett ripped off the Steelers QB Mason Rudolph's helmet and then used it like a club. But - and I think this is really not getting enough attention - the video looks like Rudolph is working to rip off Garrett's helmet before. WTF is up with that? (Some of the comments say maybe Rudolph's hand was stuck? I dunno. But to ignore that part when looking how Garrett should be punished would be an injustice)
This Tweet asks "Explain your ideology in six words or less without naming it directly." I guess it's more the Social Justice Revolutionaries and the Libertarians who have ideologies that can be so boiled down. Mine was going to be "Everything Matters, Nothing Matters That Much" but maybe that's more of an underlying philosophy rather than an ideology, per se?
The USPTO wants to know if artificial intelligence can own the content it creates... What a weird question! My first thought is no - since this is one step away from personhood, and most AIs like this don't seem that autonomous.

But we grant virtual personhood to corporations, and they can hold copyrights, right? Is an AI less of a person than a corporation is?

Also shades of the issue if a monkey can hold a copyright on a photo they clicked the shutter for or if it fairly belongs to the human who set up the situation and owns the equipment...
On my devblog, some thoughts on the Apple Watch and when technology is telling humans what to do.