November 25, 2019

I posted this at the beginning of the year, but I think lately the quote has really been helping me with my angsty procrastination-- when I catch myself putting off clearing email because I know there's an unpleasant one I have to deal with, say.

(The panel is sort of a daydream concept for an expanded comic I'd like to make.)

Lava is the earth's yolk. Go on about your day

The Hidden Brain podcast: The Ventilator: Life, Death And The Choices We Make At The End This is an excellent and moving podcast; I will always be for people having more control over their own end-of-life decisions, but this is an important reminder that people will sometimes see things in differently when the prospect seems remote and abstract versus when the decision point is at hand.
One of my fellow HONK! musicians posted this NYT article, by a former "Tuba Girl" about college marching bands:
"Tubas play the bass line. They're essential but usually relegated to the background. They tend to be pretty chill, maybe because no one really chooses to play tuba; it's a heavy instrument that sounds weird and looks goofy. Circumstance is what makes a tubist. [...] I didn't formally decide to join until the tail end of the summer before my freshman year, when I received a recruitment postcard written by a Tuba Girl.
There were 26 tubas while I was in band. But the Tuba Girls, a foursome who were two years ahead of me, were a fierce unit who had created a mini-sisterhood within a fairly masculine section."
My comment was
Great article! In high school I found Marching Band to be great for demographic slicing: along with gym and health class it was the only place where I was in contact with students outside the little nerdy AP-class bubble - plus, it's a place where freshmen and sophomores can develop we've-been-through-heck-together camaraderie with juniors and seniors.

In both high school and college I was often the only tuba, and often my departure was filled by a female-identifying musician, so I dig on that whole "Tuba Girl" vibe