December 20, 2019

they call him prince charming because he's always really polite to strangers to cover for the fact that he doesn't know if he's supposed to recognize them from somewhere and when you're a prince that shit starts wars

rip prince charming, who had to let the whole kingdom make jokes about his foot fetish for the rest of his life because every blonde with an updo looks basically the same as far as he can tell

#'i met the perfect woman but it was a special occasion'#'so now wherever she is her makeup and hair are probably different'#'this is my nightmare'

did cinderella ever talk to her man about his faceblindness

Wired presents every Star Wars movie starfighter:

Too quote a great line from my favorite movie in the series:
"There's - too many of them!"
I know there are toys to sell, and I guess real militaries have plenty of varieties, but I wish more of the designs weren't just one-movie-wonders...
A longread note of caution about the New Optimists. That said, I am super grateful for my privilege, and reasonably hopeful it will extend for me and many people I know, and will continue to work to help extend that to others.
Hmm, and how US and UK chose a path to make them the new USSR with so much decay likely to follo - increasing inequality and a struggle to survive, rather than following a European model that favors a strong and healthy and comfortable route for more and more people.