December 24, 2019

Petition to have Barbara Walters ring in the new year saying "I am Barbara Walters, and this is 2020 - the vision we need!
What scientists figure out about the chewer of a 5700 year old piece of gum.

Well I'll tell you one thing *I* figured out - gum technology has come a long way! I mean... birch pitch, really? What kind of mint-tastic tastebud explosion could that provide? Actually I think gum technology may be regressing. I can't find "Dessert Delights" mint chocolate chip gum anywhere, and that was a pretty good diet helper. [This link sponsored by the Aggressive Point Missers of America]
Decided to double up on the day I saw Star Wars Movie Number 9 by playing through Rogue Squadron / Rogue Leader on Gamecube, which remains my favorite Star Wars games.