favorite music of the 2010s: vibe

January 10, 2020
Decide to post my favorite music that I discovered over the last decade, and realized I would be better served by dividing it into "energy" (generally, more verb movement) and "vibe" - softer.

Most of the songs here have had a moment of moving me greatly - they catch something in my wistful, melancholy self, a lovely ache that I cherish in life.

2010: Sea of Love - Cat Power

Runner-up: The Girl You Lost to Cocaine - Sia

2011: As It Comes - The Exploding Voids

Addicted to Love - Florence + The Machine
Knockin - Carolina Chocolate Drops and the Luminescent Orchestrii

(Small shout out to my friend Kjersten who made a mix "Tilkirke" (to church, in Norwegian - Knockin and a bunch of other great songs came from there, and I'm a tough person to make a mix for...)

2012: The District Sleeps Tonight - The Postal Service

Socrates - The Lisps
Concrete Wall - Zee Avi

2013: Valentine - Fiona Apple

Needing/Getting - OK Go
Something About You - Cary Brothers (feat. Laura Jansen)
I Need My Girl - The National

2014: Coffee - Sylva Esso

Runner-up: The Writing's on the Wall - OK GO

2015: My Favorite Picture of You - Guy Clarke

Runner-up: How Naked Are We Gonna Get - The Blow

2016: A Cimma - Fanfare Invisible

2017: Make Out - Julia Nunes:

Runner-up: Los Ageless - St. Vincent

2018: Til It's Over - Anderson .Paak

Runner-up: Take on Me (MTV Unplugged) - a-ha

2019: To Turn You On - Nataly Dawn + Ryan Lerman

Runner-up: Curse of the I-5 Corridor - Neko Case
Who cares if the horse is blind? Just keep loading the wagon.

The Boy Who Wears Shorts All Winter. For a very very brief moment way back when, I thought about becoming that, and I don't have a clear idea as to why. (Besides some snip of it being "an attention thing")