March 20, 2020

Quick sketch of "Witch" for a round of the mobile game "Draw Something" (Like "Words with Friends" but Pictionary.)

I've been playing for like... yikes, 8 years (!) but only one other buddy, OssianGrr, has been steady for years of that - we seem to try and get at least one exchange a day.

Anyway, if in these weeks of social distancing you'd like to add a little doodling-and-guessing, I think I'm "kirkjerk" (or maybe that username in my gmail email address). I'd recommend the $5 Pro version on a tablet... (the store has regular and "Classic" and not sure what the upgrade path is... but if you don't mind ads you can play for free as well I think.)
Insider Trading by Senators based on closed door information. That's cool.
Wait, is this the first time Trump used the term "nasty" not targeted at a woman? Progress?

Man, between shit like his own tax returns and, I dunno, making sure we have sufficient CoronaVirus(tm) tests, this dude just hates numbers.

NUMEROPHOBIA: the struggle is real.