March 22, 2020

Days slipping by. In 2020 before these days, I was finding a pleasant groove at work - focusing well, sticking to my grind. Workdays seemed a bit longer than they had before, in a healthy way. Now I still make progress but it's tougher. Interruptions take a larger toll.

I feel like I have so much less free time, even with all my band stuff set aside and my commute evaporated. When a day of coding has been a struggle, there's a temptation to just keep at it into the evening, further smudging the already wispy boundaries between professional time and personal time and space.

Yesterday, Saturday, I was honestly astonished how it go to be 2pm so quickly.
Self-exile Day 11. Evening. Words begin playing visual tricks - there is no way that FEBRUARY and SCHOOL are spelled like that!
Oh and RIP Kenny Rogers. If this wasn't such a stupid time you'd be getting a lot more attention. I can almost see the memes from an alternate timeline...