March 30, 2020

To the Godless Prophet Murphy and his Eternal Law:
"No good deed goes unpunished" so I acknowledge your secular mandate to reward my joint efforts at housecleaning with a pulled lower back in these quarantine times. I further acknowledge that in your eternal promise of "there is no situation so bad that it couldn't be worse" I might have come down with COVID-19 and be supplementing every dry cough with wrenching back spasms, so thank you for staying your hand, and please accept this benediction on your capricious power as reason to allow me slouch out from under the gaze of your bloodshot eye.
An old mentor of mine made this COVID-19 simulation, a bit more detailed than some of the other ones I've seen:
Now it's kinda like life is just staring at the 3 dots on iMessage while coronavirus is typing