April 24, 2020

Parallels with COVID-America and 80s Eastern Bloc - does raise the spectre of what would follow. it's a ramp that quickly leads to thinking, can we formulate shared goals for our society, which quickly launches to the existential questions of what do we find to be the point of life as individuals.

Poor Dr. Birx, you can almost see her trying to calm and re-center herself with the President's level of medical advice, on par with the My Big Fat Greek father gargling with Windex and using it for every treatment. And just the dummassery arrogance "oh yeah, good thinking sir, we never thought of that! we'll test that out" - followed by the brilliant closer, "hey, I'm the president, and you're fake news"
I am proud to consider myself a "hack," bearing in mind that a "hack" by definition is "A sound, reliable horse that can get you where you want to go with ease and pleasure in a reasonable length of time." Yeah, I'm good with that.
(i.e. they "fly (or write) by the seat of their pants")
Sheila G's Meyere Lemon Brownie Brittle taste EXACTLY like the old animal-cracker like cookies you used to get in Happy Meals... weird when you stumble on a flavor nostalgia you didn't realize was there.