May 12, 2020

Interesting ads on FB for Litiholo, make your own holographic plates at home.

Holograms are amazing - a flat plate can totally capture all this 3D information. Of course they aren't dynamic or projected like R2D2 beaming the image of Princess Leia, and they were fiddly to light properly for best viewing, and you so you don't see them that often. Way back when there would be popup stores at malls selling 'em, but like Magic-Eye (another interesting way of getting 3Dness out of a 2D medium) culture has kind of moved on. (Hey, remember when 3D TVs were gonna be the next big thing?)

When I was in sixth grade I took a class that made holograms! Besides the plates and a laser I think you needed a darkish room but most importantly something like a sand table to damp vibrations.

I was (surprise) a little pretentious, and when it came time for the final project, I decided to go for an austere minimalism, just like a sphere or two and a cylinder (marbles and a stack of round flat magnets). Other kids loaded up there final hologram prints with like chess pieces and toy cars and what not. I learned a good lesson that day, minimalism often sucks.
If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.