May 19, 2020

Last night I headed out for my daily constitutional and followed a sudden impulse to walk past the Old Powder House (I was today years old when I realized that's the oldest stone building in the Commonwealth) to Tufts Campus, where I was an undergrad in the 90s.

The first half of my life was marked by moving - usually across states - every few years, so it sort of weirds me out that I'm just able to walk here. The view from on top the library is great (though I always wanna smack the architect who put a big random squat minitower on top of the library roof, breaking up the panorama.)

My mood was leaning hard into the nostalgic.

Tufts has a random cannon replica, and there's a tradition for groups to paint it. It's current paint job kind of broke my heart:
Those poor damn kids. (Yeah, I know a lot of them are coming from privilege and most will be fine, but still- class of 2020 has had a super unkind cut almost anyway you slice it, whether college or high school.)
Excellent video on if different type of rockets were transparent, so you can see the fuel supplies.

Somehow it seems weird to me that the best way into space is straight up.