kirk's favoritest video games

I've found that we sometimes outgrow our hobbies and yet because we feel attachment to them we try to find things that are not there.
Nana Komatsu
As I get older, I don't enjoy the same things I once enjoyed.
But I enjoy new and different things!

I just don't enjoy them as much as I used to enjoy the things I no longer enjoy.
Arlo, of "Arlo and Janis"
After a 20 year hiatus, I updated Kirk's Bestof Series - my favorite games across most of the video game consoles I've had.

I think the pleasure of the list was mostly in the making... I might come back to it for a quick stroll down memory lane, and I suppose other people might find some obscure gems I'd like to advocate for, but overall it's just a subjective list of stuff I liked.
Remember when we said 'No Future'? Well, this is it.
A friend hosted an online viewing party using Metastream - it supports more streaming services and seemed more stable than Netflixparty...
(One of the viewers thought this was a good slogan in general.)