June 25, 2020

Two pointless notes from the quarantine:

1. When I break from WFH for the day, I generally grab my personal laptop, my phone (that's been providing music) and my iPad mini (that's been on todo list duty) and grab the pile to trundle with from my desk to the living room or wherever. I call this pile... "my tech stack", har har.

2. A silver lining to the dark cloud of never put in the work to learn to cook is that small discoveries seem amazing. Like, my go-to breakfast for quarantine is "banana with nutella on a flax/oat bran/whole wheat wrap". 3 months in and many bananas later I realize it's like twice as good if you slice the banana first, rather than just treating it like a fruity hot dog. The mouth feel is greatly improved and I think there's more surface area for the flavor, more "banana meets that-permitted-in-the-morning-frosting-that-is-nutella" action