june 2020 new music playlist

Definite slow down in finding new songs last month. Not a bad selection despite that though.

Rule the World
Easy McCoy
I like the big percussion and general sound of this.
From an Old Navy Ad...
When I Meet My Maker
Toots Earl & Etienne Lecomte
Crazily authentically old sounding for a new song.
via "What We Do in the Shadows" -- great series!
You'll Never Walk Alone
Marcus Mumford
A little shmaltzy, and hasn't moved me yet, but it might.
Mentioned in the Anthropocene Reviewed Podcast.
Knight Rider for 8 cellos
Samara Ginsberg
Awesome instrumental cover.
Somewhere on Twitter...

Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin
The Magnetic Fields
Sodden song.
The "Watch Out for Fireballs" Podcast quoted "Love is like a bottle of gin / But a bottle of gin is not like love"
Shit Kickin'
Indigo Girls
Awesome the Indigo Girls have been making music together for so long.
The "Baby Geniuses" Podcast mentioned the new album, though they liked "Country Radio" better.

Let Me Live / Let Me Die
Des Rocs
Suicide Girls energy.
Youtube recommendation off of the Easy McCoy piece above.

Too Young to Remember
Love shouty girl choruses like this, that little pop of "Hey!"
via Arun's gift of songs.

Dumb Ways to Die
Tangerine Kitty
Was this from a funny public service message?
via Arun's gift of songs.
You Must Be Out of Your Mind
The Magnetic Fields
Nice old torch song.
My friend Leigh mentioned this as her favorite Magnetic Fields song after I posted "Love is Like a Bottle of Gin"

Tom Jones & EMF
Loved this song in high school... surprised the collaboration with Tom Jones didn't make it onto one of his albums of duets...
Forget how I found out about this but been meaning to rip it from Youtube for a long time.