July 12, 2020

Two summerish/life thoughts:

One is: as best you can, try to appreciate the summer. Yes we trust future summers will open up more activities, and many of us our going through a bit of always-at-home limbo for both work and play, but try and treat this time as more than "in between" time - it's still life.

(Also, I hate to think about it but summer now has more options than a vaccine-less fall and winter for public-health-minded folks)

Two: new adventures in bachelor-boy-style cuisine -- I just realized that a bowl full of broken chips well-mixed with salsa (and eaten with a fork) is better than regular tortilla chips dipped in salsa. Anyone know what the fanciest-pants cuisine name for that kind of crumble would be?
Riley: "I want a bunk bed!"
Mindy: "Yes, okay, all right. I'll get you...I'll get you a bunk bed."
Riley's Mom: "Are you sure about this?"
Mindy: "Of course. I can do anything as long as it's just paying for something."
The Mindy Project.
I've posted this before but I dug up the longer quote

As one dude put it in a dream I had once:
When you reach the ripe old age of 27 like I have, and you have the choice between investing time and investing money, you realize you should never go for the time. You can always make more money...