new music playlist august 2020

September 3, 2020
Evil Boy (F**k You In the Face Mix)
Die Antwoord
This month's songs are bookend by two of the dirtiest and/or raunchiest hiphop videos I've posted, I think...
I guess I got this from a Quora What is the most R rated music video put out by a band?
No Diggity (feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen)
Love the infectious slow groove of this.
Via defining the 90s musical cannon - kind of weird I didn't know this song very well.
Watermelon Man (Single Version)
Mongo Santamaria
Version of this Herbie Hancock song built the genre "Latin boogaloo"
This is one song my bands play a lot. Easy and cool and delicious, just like watermelon.
A friend was posting on some kind of genre, like dark ambient country or something?
Jock Box
The Skinny Boys
Oldest school hiphop here.
The show "Workaholics" use bits of this as bumper music.

Florence + the Machine
Do I Look Moderate to You?
Recommendation from Arun
Rock Hard
Beastie Boys
This is... kind of bad? But it's interesting to hear something I hadn't heard so close to tape that meant so much to me as a teen.
via the Beast Boys documentary on Apple Plus or whatever it is.
Barcoders Jamming
Two guys using barcode scanners wired for sound! Amazing.
via this tumblr post that said "My brain was transported about 10,000 years into the future while listening to this."
Big Daddy vs. Dolemite (feat. Rudy Ray Moore)
Big Daddy Kane
Classing playing the Dozens...
Watch the Eddie Murphy "Dolemite" movie what ever happened to Big Daddy Kane...

Slippery When Wet
The Commodores
Sexy 70s.
from the Dolemite movie soundtrack.

Holly Cole
Tender cover of the Elvis Costello song.
Some of my favorite covers ever come from Holly Cole... I've Just Seen a Face, Waters of March, her Tom Waits stuff...

A Hero's Death
Fontaines D.C.
Sink as far down as you can be pulled up / Happiness really ain't all about luck / Let your demeanor be your deep down self / And don't sacrifice your life for your health
I think my cousin Bill posted about this song...
Hey Heartbreaker
Dream Wife
Girls rock.
Recommended by Arun.

WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
Cardi B
Heh. Kind of weird that there is a "radio" edit. (Wet and Gushy? huh) Am so enamored of the opening verse of the explicit version...
Making the rounds...

The flashbacks in Breath of the Wild play out like Zelda is a dating sim protagonist who flubbed all the sidequests and didn't understand the resource economy and did the relationship events all out of order and ended up getting such an incredibly Bad Ending that it literally destroyed the world, and the entirety of BotW proper is about the obligatory Childhood Friend NPC who was supposed to be the default endgame relationship if the protagonist didn't reach ten hearts with anybody else dealing with the fallout from that.

Jack Anderson's Gastrointestinal Map:

Taking a shit without looking at your phone counts as meditating now