September 11, 2020

Menu items are the modern programmer's way -- even that of the Java programmer, who is too pure of heart to use pointers -- of putting an obscene number of unpredictable GOTO statements everywhere in his code.
I snagged that quote (old school tech and gendered language and all) 20 years ago and it recently inspired some musings on UI unit tests in my devblog.

My new favorite analogy: unit tests are like setting up a tiny 2 or 3 ant farm. It's great to check that your ants are indeed healthy but you're not going to predict many of the problems of the ant colony that way.
Had a dream last night, something about "Yehbébe", Brazil's #1 female pistoleiro / sharpshooter...
Why Are Conservatives Obsessed with Pedophilia Right Now? Basically, it's kind of a ploy/panic, a warning message that society adaption to a wider variety of people: allowing gay marriage, accepting Trans and non-Binary folk is making some kind of slippery slope, and won't somebody think of the children. (Again: not to be an apologist for abusers, not to discount the need to keep up vigilance, or deny that there are some horrific things happening - it's the timing of it that's odd, along with the way the news lacks a call to action. (as the article puts it 'No "share this number," no "put a sign in your yard" or "don't be a pedophile," "seven steps to protect your kids from getting trafficked," or even "donate to this fund to fight pedophilia." It's just "here's another story about pedophiles engaging in sex trafficking. Isn't it awful?!"')

It also links to a Mother Jones article that talks more about the QAnon/Pizzagate resonance.