September 15, 2020

It's funny what sticks you from childhood, little mental snippets that lie dormant 'til they randomly remerge, unbidden. In this case, I thought of the official comics adaption of Raiders of the Lost Ark. That link is a good review but you can find the whole thing online.

In this case, it was this panel of Marion's naked back as she changed into a dress Belloq has given her:
I must have been in second grade. Sometimes I think about how difficult it was to get pictures of undressed people back then (especially relative to today where you have to remind Google not to show you naked boobies) From National Geographics to Art Books, I think I knew the location of every bare nipple in my parents' library.

Anyway, that lovely curve of back scandalized me and has stuck with me... of course that slinky dress in other panels might have helped:
And this shot of the Ark being filed away in a giant warehouse stuck with me more than the movie version:

BONUS: I grew up with people telling me I looked like this guy:
I guess in high school I sort of inadvertently leaned into the look with an unfortunate hat, and also the glasses. The trouble is no one remembered the characters name (Major Toht) so it was always "that Nazi guy from Indiana Jones, you know, the "We are not... heh heh... thirsty" guy who gets the medallion burned into his palm..."