November 12, 2020

Feelin' the Hulk today...

"have you ever noticed you pick up little habits and phrases from the people you love? it's no wonder our hearts are so easily broken when people leave. we become a reflection of the people that we care about and those personality traits stick with us even if the people don't"

"I make my ramen the way a friend taught me in eleventh grade. Every fall, I listen to a playlist made for me by a boy I drove across a border to hook up with. I eat sushi because a girl who won't talk to me anymore made me try it, and Indian food because my best friend's parents ordered for me before I knew what I liked. There are movies I love because someone I loved loved them first. I am a mosaic of everyone I've ever loved, even for a heartbeat."
smokeinsilence and viridianmasquerade, via

Yeah. My gut feeling is that I shoudn't trust my intuition....AARGH PARADOX. I'm going to try not to think about that too much.
Happy 50th to the Exploding Whale!