New Music Playlist November 2020

December 2, 2020
100 Days, 100 Nights
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Great R+B.
From my work shared playlist.
Stress Me Out
Nice pop.
I like Pomplamoose and pay attention when stuff surfaces on my Youtube recs.
I'm a Fool to Want You
Billie Holiday
Mentioned in Obama's "Dreams from my Father": I fell back on the couch and lit a cigarette, watching the match burn down until it tickled my fingertips, then feeling the prick on the skin as I pinched the flame dead. What’s the trick? the man asks. The trick is not caring that it hurts. I tried to remember where I’d heard the line, but it was lost to me now, like a forgotten face. No matter. Billie knew the same trick; it was in that torn-up, trembling voice of hers.
Defaal Lu Wor (Once In a Lifetime)
Wasis Diop
Very different Talking Heads cover...
My friend Candace mentioned it.
Mellow pop.
Thought I heard my neighbor playing a song with the line “I’ll pack myshit” on his guitar... not sure if this was it or not.
Lose Yo Job (feat. DJ Suede the Remix God)
musical remix of a meme, talking no crap from the cops
via The 5 Most Ridiculously Glorious Memes Celebrating Joe Biden’s Election Win, Ranked

Public Enemy Number Won (feat. Mike D, Adrock & Run-DMC)
Public Enemy
Awesome homage.
Youtube rec.

Never Going to Let You Go
Madison's Lively Stones
Weirdly I couldn't find a youtube video (and someone gifted me the MP3) but this video gives the spirit of the Trombone Shout Chorus.
I played tuba behind a School of Honk trombone sectional and they introduced this one.
Go Your Own Way
The Cranberries
I do like the vocalist's trademark sound.
Just browsing for covers.
Don't Look Back (feat. Kotomi & Ryan Elder) [From Rick and Morty: Season 4]
Rick and Morty
End credits, soft pop.
Not sure if they're commissioning music for the show or what...
Seagulls! (Stop It Now)
Bad Lip Reading
Strong David Byrne (or in the negative view, Robin Thicke)
From a pleated jeans entry.
Brass Monkey Brass Band
Kind of a more somber edge to this one, a more minor key.
My friend Candace mentioned it.
Send Me On My Way
Rusted Root
The old 90s song.
from this BoobsRadley tweet "I hate when a car is parked rudely but has bumper stickers I agree with. Taking up two spots? *Not* the way to represent Rusted Root."

Bad Guy
Too Many Zooz
Very nice cover of the Billy Elish song.
Youtube rec.

Emira didn't love doing anything, but she didn't terribly mind doing anything either.
"Such a Fun Age" by Kiley Reid

So (and please, not to be starting in any anti-trans-folks sentiment, thanks) - Elliot Page said his pronouns are "he/they". Took me a second to realize this probably meant "use he or they, either is fine" and not like "use he if subject of sentence, them if object".

I always assumed saying "he/him" was splitting a phonetic difference, shorter than "he/him/his" but less ambiguous / hard to parse than a bare "he" might be.

Declaring oneself as "he/they" is interesting. I'm a fan of singular they, especially when talking about a role that hasn't been filled yet ("when the programmer presses return, they should see ___") etc. I recongize that "they" can used as a tool for a low-key style of misgendering, like when someone is rejecting someone else's correct pronoun but doesn't want to be called on it.

With parallels to people trying to pretend we are in a post-racial wonderland and can stop working to be anti-racist, I kind of wish people weren't so binary, but also respect that some folk- trans and cis alike- want those opposite poles to hang around. But like does that mean well meaning lefties should be careful? Like can saying your pronouns are "they/them" just mean "I wish people weren't making such a big deal about gender" or should it be reserved for people who don't feel comfortable at either end of the spectrum?