December 6, 2020

A former instructor/mentor of mine, Jeffrey Ventrella, writes:
I will be giving a Zoom talk next Friday, December 11 at 12:00 noon (Pacific time) It's free! (but donations are appreciated). If you would like to attend, kindly RSVP here: or you can email me directly. The presentation will last about 45 minutes, followed by Q&A, and then - for those who want to stick around - we will have an open-ended discussion.

Here's the Zoom link:
Fractal geometry evokes a certain visual affinity to nature in humans. "Biophilia" refers to a psychic resonance to natural stimuli that is rooted in our deep evolution. New scientific theories, mathematical modeling, and design practices are pointing the way for a more sustainable world that embraces our biophilia. It can inform architectural design, and more efficient energy distribution systems. There are even new studies on how psychedelic therapies increase the "fractal dimension" of brain activity.

Please join us for a stimulating lecture by coWORKer Jeffrey Ventrella. Jeffrey's uncommon blend of art, math, and science brings a unique perspective on the subject. This presentation will be illuminating and informative to any curious mind – especially designers, teachers, artists, and scientists.

BIO: Jeffrey Ventrella is an expert on fractals in art, which was the topic of his first dissertation. His second dissertation was on genetic algorithms in animation and graphic design, which he earned from the MIT Media Lab. Jeffrey has taught at Syracuse, Tufts, UCSD, and SFU, and has lectured internationally on artificial life, math visualization, and creative coding. For examples of Jeffrey's work, visit:
Tree Yoga -

They're actually boxing *mittens*

The "folk art" tree my dad made, a swarovski star from melissa's mom, a vintage Tuba Christmas scarf, a JP honk sousaphone ornament from mom, and a buncha lights...