January 23, 2021

For my current Atari 2600 project I may try making a digital clock using big, clunky playfield pixels. Luckily, for an old site I LOVED called Pixel Time (RIP, here's my loving fan page) I made a font that could make words even on its absurdly limited 45x45 canvas:

(I think Nick had made an All-Caps version that I cribbed from a bit.)

Heh. I think I got my start with hyper-minimal fonts on the old Etcha-a-Sketch Animator, an early digital toy that let you make animations of 12 frames of 40x30 pixels (arranged in longer sequences)
It makes you nice and clean!
It's made with gasoline!
It makes you vomit!
So let's all vomit
With Comet
Right Now!