January 25, 2021

Generally enjoying "Pretend It's a City", Martin Scorsese's take on Fran Lebowitz... I admit though I'm alarmed at how many mannerisms she and Trump share, some of the hand gestures, and the staged reactions, and the certainty. Also Ginia Bellafante in the is a little more critical in the NY Times, saying "That she advances her dubious self-certainty over curiosity every time is not an issue for the director", and she has a point. In the second episode (the latest we've watched so far) she mounts a defense of criticism and evaluation in general, which of course is not how I naturally roll - but it's a lot of fun to watch others judge!
The name is a little much but wow. Trombone Section Suicide Routine
also I wish I knew were to find audio recordings of funky drum cadences... so many drum squads seem focused on technical finesse, it seems hard to find ones as funky as Euclid High School circa 1991...