new music playlist february 2021

March 3, 2021
Laid Back
Kirk Joseph's Backyard Groove
Nice laid back NOLA groove
Ordered Kirk Joseph's CD, loved his work from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Ruff Ryders' Anthem
DMX is so visceral.
Referenced in this meme.

I Give Good Parent (feat. Rachel Bloom)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast
Very witty bit if hip hop from her show.
(Think I was looking up "You Can Touch My Boobies")
I Can't Get Started
Kirk Joseph's Backyard Groove
Dr. John joins in.
Baby I Can't Please You
Sam Phillips
A long time ago I read the line "I know you say love when you mean control" and it really stuck with me... not sure if it came from this song or not.
Kirk Joseph's Backyard Groove
I sense a bit of Maynard Ferguson in this one too.

Love You Madly
Haven't heard much Cake in a while!
Intro to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

Flava In Ya Ear (GTA Remix) - Franklin, Lamar, Michael, Trevor, Niko & Roman
Claude Gnome
Really clever combination of clips from the GTA games to become a kind of parody/homage of a classic hip hop track - amazed at how well it works.

Most Hyped JIG 2 at Pep Rally
Newnan High School Drumline
Great drumline cadence!
I'm always looking out for these, I really miss the ones they had in my high school marching band.
It's Time To Get Laid
Little promotional ditty for an indie movie.
tetris OST cover
Decent acappella cover of the classic Russian song.
Friday (Remix) [feat. 3OH!3, Big Freedia & Dorian Electra]
Rebecca Black
Electronic Remix of the old youtube meme-worthy song. Dang I love Big Freedia
Hard Drive
Cassandra Jenkins
Kind of a spoken word piece, reminiscent of the song "Rock Me Now"...
Looked up the artist when I thought about her brilliant cover of "Wild World"
A Bale Ndikuwuzeni
Gasper Nali
via Gasper Nali and His Homemade Bass Guitar

You Move Ya Lose
Extra Crispy Brass Band
Nice, tight cover of a HONK! classic.

I Know the End
Phoebe Bridgers
Modern melancholy pop
Saw it on SNL.

Jane Birkin
French song, nice groove!
from that Netflix Fran Lebowitz thing.
Loco ft. Bad Bunny
The video for this SNL skit is really well done...

I've always loved "found percussion" but this person takes it to whole new levels...

What is grief, if not love persevering?