March 4, 2021

Stockton's Basic-Income Experiment Pays Off - "A new study of the city's program that sent cash to struggling individuals finds dramatic changes."

When I posted this on facebook, a conservative friend pointed out this is a pretty small sample size, like 125 folks, my response:

There are definitely questions on how it would scale. But my dislike of “Go Fund Me” healthcare and similar makes me think it’s worth looking into. since the 80s, productivity has kept going up, but the benefits have been skewing more and more north as well. This is bad for a capitalist economy; the health of an economy is measured by the throughput of spending. 35 people buying a new car does a lot more good for the economy than 1 dude buying a yacht.
My friend Sophie got on for She's nearly done with her pandemic project: Walking every single street of Cambridge

"Photo by Kirk Israel" ;-)
Why was Yoda afraid of 7

Because 9 7 8