March 6, 2021

There's a Better Way to Parent: Less Yelling, Less Praise Really interesting piece- objectively speaking, the current American always-praising, rebuild all family life around a kids PoV is rather unusual.

Trying to think if there's a lesson for my interactions with my super niece - it feels like the secret is to make kids reliable judges of their own actions and accomplishments- not dependent so much on others praise and feedback. but on the other hand, not completely disregarding the idea that community standards exist. And that other people WILL judge them, and those judgements may affect their circumstance.

(and glad to hear the term "alloparenting", the other people around who do parent like tasks and so play that kind of role for a kid.)

Admittedly, it's a declutter fail (in terms of giving me hope to cling on to hardware for some future project) but I am rather impressed that I my circa-1992 Yamaha PSR-300 computer can go through MIDI-to-USB to USB-to-USB-C into my Mac and Garage Band handles everything without a blink.