music of the month, march 2021

Pretty solid month for music last month!

Oh, and a music project my tuba and I chipped in last year has borne fruit, Interstate Abbreviations by The Sound Down Cellar, a 3-song album available on Bandcamp. Those will be showing up here next month. I'm also briefly in the video for Fix a Fault

tolerate it
Taylor Swift
A 5 star-er! A low 5-star, but still. The "reverse lover's complaint" of it (she should be celebrated, but the dude feels like he's just tolerating it) seems real somehow.
From this video on songs in 5/4 time.

Count It Off (feat. The Muscle Shoals Horns)
The Saturday Knights
Raunchy street music with a cool slouching swag.
From the comedy "We're The Millers"
Played Like a Piano (feat. Ice Cube & Breeze)
King Tee
Old school hiphop, dig the use of the piano that unabashedly mirrors the title/refrain.
From GTA V's hip hop radio station.
Work (Freemasons Radio Edit)
Kelly Rowland
Modern R+B, dig the "Knight Rider" theme like vibe.
Another GTA 5 radio song.
Jon Batiste
Sweet blend of old and new school sounds, jazz, hiphop, very bright and friendly.
Shared on the School of Honk FB- SOH is very fond of Batiste! Some of us played WITH HIM on his "I'm from Kenner" when he played the SInclair.

Feeling Good
Nina Simone
Big, beautiful soul/jazz. Love the horns.
via the movie "The Intouchables", about the assistant to a wealthy quadriplegic and the friendship they build.
You Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover (Single Version)
Bo Diddley
Classic rollicking Bo Diddley.
Used in the Martin Scorsese / Fran Lebowitz thing on Netflix.
I'm a Hustla (Street Mix)
Hiphop. Kinda had trouble w/ the heavy use of the N-word to lead it off, but it's got an amazing beat.
via Sara Hopkins Vines. Damn I miss that platform!!

Louder (feat. Icona Pop)
Big Freedia
I love Big Freedia so much. Good use of "I Got The Power" clip, and her awesome Bounce Music.
Last month Big Freedia did a verse in the Rebecca Black "Friday" redux...

Galway Girl
Ed Sheeran
Pop/Irish Folk blend. For some reason I really love that invitation "Do you want to drink on?"
Via this b3ta robocop parody - I think the joke is that this song or Sheeran is overplayed, but all kind of new to me.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Selah Sue Feat. Walk off the Earth
Oh, love the oddball ukulele arpeggios in this! From the movie soundtrack "How to Be Single" I guess, and only avaialble on that soundtrack.
I think the melody showed up in something then I deliberately went hunting for a cover of this.
High Anxiety
Mel Brooks
Shmaltzy Mel Brooks, from a movie of the same name.
When a friend mentioned she had high anxiety, I thought about Mel Brooks who says he basically made this movie so he could sing "Hiiigh AnnnnnXIety"
Meu Nome é Zé
Antonio Pinto
Background music from "City of God". The dialog in portuguese... something about the gangster's tone and measured way of speaking reminds me of villains from Star Wars.
Funk da Virada
Antonio Pinto + Ed Cortes
More background music from "City of God"
Man, if you ever want to see a good argument for gun control, watch this movie and think about what life would be like if every punk was carrying a pistol.
70s modern cover of part of "Toccata and Fugue in D minor"
Someone on an atari group pointed out this might have been what inspired the music to the arcade game Gyruss, another electronic cover of the same song. I think the music to the 2600 version is the most amazing thing on the platform.
Such Great Heights
The Postal Service
Modern indie. It's no "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" but it's ok
Daring Fireball mentioned the old Apple ad The Intel Chip totally ripped off this song.

Think About Things
Daði Freyr
I think this a classic Eurovision piece... I really love how it uses "Baby" in a literal sense! And just the general good feeling of new baby potential.
From some talk about Will Ferrell's Eurovison Movie... like this being a real entry from Iceland.
Song to the Siren
This Mortal Coil
Melancholy, or maybe hopeful piece. I think the singer is known for going more for feeling than sense of song.
I was skimming through the Justice League Snyder Cut and I think this is playing as The Flash is exploring his speed powers, dealing with a local disaster explosion.
Steel-Band de la Trinidad
Island cover of the amazing song.
My friend Beth (who does music cataloging) mentioned finding this one, and she wishes she knew more about it.
Hardcore Danish Female rap. Basically singing how she's gourmet (Your Burger King, I'm michelin)
The actual music video for this is the weirdest thing... pretty explicit porn.