April 29, 2021

I've adopted not being judgmental and always giving the benefit as kind of a life style (which is a bit problematic at work where we're supposed to do thorough reviews of other developer's code...)

This goes way back... when I was helping judge auditions for my singing group in college, my nickname was "C'mon guys, she wasn't THAT bad was she?"

Sometimes I feel like Walter MonheitTM, the Movie Publicist's Friend, in the much lamented Spy magazine:

So a while back I think I mentioned Spy magazine's run is online. And also, how fresh it looks even today... in some ways it's like Spy was the last hurrah of magazines, and all that snark got transferred onto the web.
(oh and I guess Walter Monheit was a real guy, the "oldest club kid" - you can catch a few obituaries of his as well.
Interesting tweet thread on how market economies slide into aristocracies. You can't have a society that is maximally just to individuals and maximally free, because given their druthers most humans will favor kin.