april 2021 new music playlist

May 3, 2021
Into the Mystic
Van Morrison
Good ol' Van Morrison, his recent frustrations with quarantine not withstanding.
Thought about this song as we moved next to the Mystic River, but listening more closely realize... it's about the sea! And I don't remember noticing the clever foghorn sound before.
Groove is in the Heart
HonkyTonk Party Band
You know, usually I'm a sucker for goofy country covers and ANY cover of Groove, but... I guess because it uses the bassline as an intro and then loses it, it's not so interesting.
Someone posted it on the School of Honk FB group. and I do love playing it with them :-D

Boomers Got the Vax
SNL has these really polished hiphop videos... "money- stacks. pants- khaks. arm- vaxxed. no- mask" "i m m, u n, i, t y - that's what I got. I got bodies, anti-"

Fix A Fault
The Sound Down Cellar
The first (and my favorite) of 3 songs me and my tuba appear in this month! (All by some work I did last year w/ The Sound Down Cellar.) I even have a cameo in the music video.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (feat. Swatkins)
Scary Pockets
Five stars! This band is like the best funkifying-cover band ever.
Cut Your Losses
The Sound Down Cellar
More sedate song, again with me and my tuba Scheiny in it.

You and I and George
Rowlf the Dog
Novelty song, a little shmaltzy. (googling I'm surprised to find it's not a muppet original.)
Found in a ranking of the 25 best muppets
Frankie and Johnny
King Oliver
Late 20s (the 1920s), Tuba-heavy cover of the classic.
I got to thinking about tubas in jazz and what not, and this was referenced in A Contender for John Coltrane's Favorite Tuba Player

Creep (feat. India Carney)
Scary Pockets
Another great funkified cover.
Hungry Eyes
The Sound Down Cellar
Final of the 3 I worked on with The Sound Down Cellar. I do like that bump bump badumpabump bassline.
Reasons I Drink
Alanis Morissette
More recent autobiographical stuff!
Melissa mentioned this song, was surprised I hadn't heard of it.
Let It Be
JP Cooper
Polished cover, but I'm not sure it brings much new.
Buy Me a Condo
"Weird Al" Yankovic
This song from my childhood came to mind last month, mostly 'cause of the title. I guess it's more making fun of suburbia, but listening now the rasta parody swings a bit near musical blackface, though it's not mean spirited.
If I Only Played The Tuba
Pat Scanlon And Friends
I see Scanlon at Veterans for Peace events, and he gave me or I bought his 2 CD set, finally got to listening to it. This was my favorite, mostly because of the tuba reference. But he's a solid folk protest singer!

You Can Do It
Ice Cube
I missed this one back in the day, even though Mellisa quotes the refrain a lot. Acoustically it's so interesting - kind of a mix of skipping CDs or Windows 95 sound glitching...
Saw it in this INCREDIBLE AMAZING DANCE instagram video that leans into the computer-glitching theme in a totally organic way.

Pfizer #2 in the arm. Ready to surf any side effects confident it's a hell of a lot less than the COVID :-D
Pfizer #2 in the arm. Ready to surf any side effects confident it's a hell of a lot less than the COVID :-D