that great pepsi taste

Happy two jabs plus two weeks day to me!
Instead of remembering useful things, my brain decided that a Diet Pepsi jingle ("Now you see it, Now you don't / That Great Pepsi Taste / Diet Pepsi won't go to your waist") from my youth (look at the design of those cans!) would be a good thing to spotlight.

I went to find the ad on YouTube - HOLEE COW are these ads little sugar-coated (or rather artificial sweetener covered) dollops of sexuality and skinny-body-idealization. What a weird thing to have grown up with.

Sometimes I am bummed that I haven't done anything interesting enough to merit my own Wikipedia page. But today I saw a guy walking around Boston with a sandwich board (front only) talking about the Prophet Kacou Philippe. But he doesn't even have a Wikipedia page! So I feel a little bit that even a prophet from Africa - accomplished enough to get folks wearing his posters in Boston, regardless of his supernatural qualifications - doesn't even merit a page.

To paraphrase The Doors... "Did you have a good life when you died, enough to base a Wikipedia page on?"
Instead of "Marco!" "Polo!" neighbor kids are doing "Burrito!" "Microwave!"? Is that a thing