September 6, 2021

Dear Theo
Will life never treat me decently? I am wracked by despair! My head is pounding. Mrs Sol Schwimmer is suing me because I made her bridge as I felt it and not to fit her ridiculous mouth. That's right! I can't work to order like a common tradesman. I decided her bridge should be enormous and billowing and wild, explosive teeth flaring up in every direction like fire! Now she is upset because it won't fit in her mouth! She is so bourgeois and stupid, I want to smash her.
Woody Allen, "If the Impressionists had been dentists"
We watched "Loving Vincent". Intriguing film, consisting of hand painted frames in the artist's style, and a kind of detective story about his death, with characters who were also subjects in some of his works.

(The tension in the rotoscoping vs painting styles and the detective story gave it a bit of a 1990s puzzle-adventure vibe.)