September 8, 2021

Abandoned ship near Dakhla city in Morocco

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Just using one backpack strap: dumbest hallmark of Generation X.
So the NY Times article says How small are the chances of the average vaccinated American contracting Covid? Probably about one in 5,000 per day, and even lower for people who take precautions or live in a highly vaccinated community.

(Do note, that is "per day"- which seems a bit weasle-y.)

I admit, it's hard to reconcile that sanguine number with the anecdotes of folks I know who got breakthrough cases: Two cousins, upstairs neighbors, an online friend, a bandmate. Like I'm not quite sure how many people I have in my extended orbit, but that seems like a lot of 1 in 5000 per days!

BUT - those people barely felt it. The vaccine finally does make COVID into what anti-maskers were saying about it last year - it is like the flu, IF you get the damn jabs.

And I'll tell you why non-vaxxers aren't more pants-shittingly scared, moved enough to do the simple and sensible thing - it's this "Monoclonal antibody" treatment. Sure, it's pricey, time-consuming, and doesn't provide the lasting protection of a simple COVID jab, but at least those darn liberals aren't singing its praises! It's a high price "Get Out of COVID 'Free'!" card for moochers who are just misinformed about vaccinations. Like it's so weird... like someone might be "hesitant" because the vaccine is "new" and slightly different than regular old Flu shot vaccines... but they'll subject themselves to this equally "undertested" treatment, once they get concrete evidence that their own ass is, in fact, on the line. Crazily frustrating. We could be moving on and getting back to normal socializing if it wasn't for these fools.