October 28, 2021

So I indulged and got a new Macbook Pro 16. I'm excited by the New Hotness (or rather, coolness - very, very literally) of the M1 chip, but mostly by the larger screen... I was realizing that the my Macbook Air wasn't great for dev work when away from my desktop monitor, and I use my Mac enough to justify investing in something that feels good.

And the new screen size is pretty great! Especially combined with a program like "SizeUp" that makes it easy to have two windows each taking up half of the screen... it's almost like having two small monitors. (I have a similar vibe with my 32" LG Monitor)

I keep getting obsessed with trying to think of like, what's the perfect size for devices. I've been of three damn minds about it - tiny, devices still hold this appeal, the elegance of all that power in a compact space still has a frisson for me. But for phones and desktop displays and now laptops, big is in. And then sometimes I'm like "nah... right up the middle, best of both worlds".

As my eyes start to get creaky with age, and I end up doing that damn glasses on top of head thing for close up text, maybe big displays will keep winning out for me.

(Interesting to see where I go with iPads. I have a giant first gen Pro that was the first thing I could get that supported the Apple Pencil... it was FANTASTIC for e-comic-books but up until lately I've preferred the iPad mini as a reader. But between the creaky eyes and the way my large phone can do as a reader in a pinch, it's getting squeezed out. But the iPad Pro is corny huge, so maybe someday back to the cheap, medium-size iPad it will be. But iPads have tremendous longevity, so no rush.)
(also it's weird since I'm sure to be mixing up the new Monterey OS details with the new computer in general.)