November 10, 2021

And that's why I'm telling this story, and I'm not pulling any punches, and all the old-school guys who don't want to hear this stuff, and think that we shouldn't talk about it, those guys can respectfully kiss my ass. If I wasn't on Zoloft, if I wasn't getting help for my mental health, if I was too afraid to talk about this stuff, I'd end up killing myself. Period. I've lost too many friends in this business to shut my mouth and bury all of these emotions with pills and booze.
Wrestler Eddie Kingston
At best I've been an extremely casual wrestling fan, but hearing about this guy connect with fans speaking candidly about his mental health and unmet aspirations is moving. From this sbnation piece that also includes a promo w/ CM Punk that has a kind of realness to it, even as you know their hitting certain marks for the storyline.
Here is my secret: I don't mind what happens.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

My friend Leigh commented on that last quote on FB, saying it resonated for her right now, and dovetails with "the root of suffering is attachment" (for her, meaning to outcomes)
yeah i know it can be a bit glib, or at least aspirational- like sometimes situations are so objectively unpleasant that how can one not mind??

It is not the case that "everything happens for a reason" - like a singular hidden purpose that has our best interest in heart. Everything happens for its own whole host of circumstances, most of which are arbitrary.

But our speculative brains are constantly driving, always imagining a world a lot like this one but more tuned to our preferences of the moment; a world that doesn't exist but seems so tantalizingly possible and close that its absence makes us miserable.