November 12, 2021

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I made an isometric doodling program based on an old Antic magazine type-in program. You can see the first and second rough drafts that tried to recreate the old way of doing the isometric artwork... but really P5's WebGL 3D mode and "normalMaterial" coloring was kind of made for it.

arrow keys plus 'a' and 'z' draw (space bar toggles between drawing and moving) can hit 'r' to have it generate random trails...

mouse changes the viewing angle, 't' toggles a classic "orthogonal" view vs regular perspective.. 'c' clears, space toggles drawing vs just moving, 's' for screenshots.
I find myself very curiously vaguely anxious if our cat Dean likes me, when there's vanishingly little reason to suspect otherwise. It really stuck with me, whoever pointed out how relaxed he must be for some of his weirder on-back, belly-exposed sleeping positions. And yeah, sure he's sucking up a bit when he's jonesing for breakfast, but looking for laptime after is... I mean, it's not like I can expect him to admire me for what I really like about me (my creative projects and dedication to people and bands) and overall a mistake to oversweat a distinction between being a good provider of warmth, pets, and food vs reasons why humans are supposed to like each other.
Programming is very Kafkaesque. You're dealing with this arbitrary system that no one will explain to you because no one actually understands all of it. There are bugs.